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Rob Chiang

On a Mission To Help  Investors & Real Estate Professionals Create Passive Wealth

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Rob Chiang is the creator of the passive wealth coaching system. He has been managing apartments since the age of 16 and has 25 years of experience with all facets of real estate investing, including but not limited to: rent collection, accounting, maintenance, remodeling, leasing, buying, selling and owning. 

Rob holds a California broker’s license as well as a general contracting license and currently controls $193M in investment property assets and owns $10M worth of Real Estate. He coaches students on how to create passive and generational wealth through his 7 step passive wealth coaching program. Click below to learn more.


Rob Chiang has sold over $100 Million in Real Estate.  Rob Chiang lives  in San Mateo, California and is passionate about giving back to organizations and charities that are close to his heart. 

Rob donates 50% of the 7 Step Blueprint to Passive Wealth book sales to the Operation Underground Railroad charity.  Please click on the button below to learn more about how you can donate to this incredible organization that rescue children all across the globe from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  


We coach apartment owners and property managers to achieve passive wealth


Clients will implement our proprietary 7 step HEROICS blueprint to passive wealth


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